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Iowa Personal Injury Analysis for April 29th, 2022

Finally, today there is something interesting to write about. Anonymous-donor conceived children where years later using affordable services like or 23andMe, people put two and two together and figure out, unbeknownst to their parents, the doctor was the sperm donor. Oh man how angry would that make you. On the creepy scale this is way up there. If you are interested in this story search the Denver Post, April 29, 2022, “Families win $9M award in fraud case”, subheading, [...]

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Injured Iowa Workers Have Only One Choice – Unionize

Iowa Injured Workers’ Are a Boat Without a Paddle Iowa Medical Debt is a Dead-End Street Some call it the medical billing system the Medical Mafia, but most working people know it as the never-ending debt cycle. Here is how it works. Hospitals and clinics see you then bill your insurance. You get a bill, which you cannot understand and the only way to know what they want you to pay, is to call the number on the bill. If you call [...]

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West Des Moines Personal Injury Accidents for April 13, 2022

Today let us cover a few fatal accidents in Iowa, mostly central Iowa. I will not cover deaths by gun violence that is intentional. Those are not “accidents” per se. And for insurance purposes if you point a gun at someone and pull the trigger most insurance policies will not provide coverage. Boone County, Iowa Boone County Construction Fatality – A 57-year-old man appears to have been walking around and behind an excavator and was struck by the excavator. The excavator [...]

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Why RaDonda Vaught Should Matter to Iowa’s Nurses

Iowa Nurses under fire from the public, the patients and the IBON. In 2019 there an estimated 2.4 million registered nurses in the United States, 920,000 nursing assistants and 585,000 licensed practical nurses. Iowa has 50,629 active licensed registered nurses. Quite a workforce. The Lombardi Law Firm represents Iowa’s nurses before the Iowa Board of Nursing. If a complaint gets filed the IBON can open up an investigation and which may then lead to the filing of a complaint against [...]

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Des Moines Central Iowa Personal Injury News Hit-n-Run

Des Moines Pedestrian Accident There is much going on in central Iowa and Iowa in general having to do with personal injury and wrongful death cases. We have a lawsuit against a bar over a patron getting shot to death by another patron. Then there is a hit-n-run accident where the pedestrian was and maybe still is hospitalized and in serious condition. In a hit-n-run accident it is important to get our quick to investigate before evidence is destroyed or disappears. Hiring [...]

Humboldt Rollover Kills Two Teens.

Two Teenagers Killed In Humboldt Rollover

March 26, 2022 – According to the police and the news Gavin Maines, 17 was killed as was his passenger, Madison Fraker, 18 of Algona when the pickup truck heading westbound on 230th Street and Nevada Avenue in Dakota City rolled. The truck was heading west, had to turn right, didn’t, ended up rolling after entering the west ditch. Both passengers were ejected from the vehicle. No indication about seatbelts, speed or if the driver had been drinking. Tragedy. Too [...]

Lester, IA - Ladell Kellenberger Airlifted After Train Collision on 170th St

Can Feeding Powdered Infant Formulas Cause an Infant’s Death?

If you are the victim of a wrong-side surgery in Iowa, we are happy to assist with your medical malpractice claim. Are you feeding your infant powered infant formula? I read how the FDA inspectors found “violations at Abbott infant formula plant months before” a recall. I have participated in raising seven children. Like you, I wondered what Cronobacter Infections were and what risks mothers and fathers were assuming when using powdered infant formula. Before today, I had never heard of [...]


Is Zillow committing real estate malpractice with Zestimate?

October 18, 2021 – I am licensed as an attorney and as real estate broker in Iowa. I have bought and sold real estate as an investment since the 1990’s. I follow no fewer than 25 real estate markets in the United States. I enjoy investing in real estate. I enjoy evaluating real estate for value. I focus particularly on Northern Minnesota, Iowa, the Outer Banks, Savannah and the Denver markets. I have been trying to locate a home [...]

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Is losing control on an icy highway excused because ice is slippery?

Attorney Lombardi Carroll County Highway 141 Fatal Collision No, ice on an Iowa highway during winter months is to be expected and a driver’s loss of control can be expected and therefore has to be anticipated. As drivers in Iowa, it is reasonable to expect everyone to know ice may very well be on the roadway. And, how do you anticipate icy roads? As the driver you maintain a proper lookout, you slow down and you maintain sufficient distance between cars ahead [...]

Spirit Lake, IA - Mariah Nelson Dies in Two-Car Crash on 120th St

Teenager Driver- Alcohol? Drunk driving?

My parents warned me often that nothing good happens after ten and bad things happen after midnight. Today we have a write-up from the Iowa State Patrol about a single-vehicle accident that happened at 2:30 AM in the 2400 195th Trail northeast of Winterset. The collision involved four teenagers in a 2003 GMC Sierra with a sixteen-year-old behind the wheel. According to the Iowa State Patrol report his name is Jacob Ryan Short, 16 and from Indianola. The other [...]