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Central Iowa lawyer handles fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents statewide. Dallas County Lawyer

Dallas County, Iowa MVA Caused by Improperly Driving Left of Center

Central Iowa lawyer handles fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents statewide. This collision occurs after a Sierra Pickup truck, attempted to pass a car when an oncoming Honda Accord was coming on in the opposite direction. The pickup and the car hit head-on and Mr. Corey Brown, the driver of the Accord is reported to have died in the crash. The accident reporting is by the Iowa State Patrol. Iowa Code Chapter 321.297 to 321.307 are the rules of the road, [...]

Why are Google Reviews so important to lawyers?

Google reviews are capital to law firms. With positive Google reviews people searching for personal injury lawyers can determine what other clients and potential clients have had to say about the services you provide. I answer a lot of questions for potential clients and frankly, we don’t get enough reviews from those folks. We need more! Frankly, when I take the time to listen to an hour-long story, engage with the potential client, offer advice and direction, well… I [...]

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Attorney Lombardi First Priority – WELFARE FOR RICH PEOPLE In Iowa, Rich Parents Are Treated Better than Injured Workers Iowa Republicans recently passed a law making Iowans responsible to pay for private school expenses and also public school expenses. How can giving welfare to rich people ever be considered conservative politics? In whose imagination is it conservative? People who can afford to pay for their children’s private education now have the State of Iowa Treasury bankrolling their tuition. Second Priority – WELFARE FOR [...]

Steve Lombardi, attorney

Drunk Driving In Iowa and Suing the Bar for Your Damages

Buena Vista County, Iowa personal injury What is a Dram Shop Action? Drunk Driving is a Dram Shop Action Whenever someone driving a car is under the influence of alcohol and causes an accident, the possibility of a dram shop lawsuit is likely. The Iowa State Patrol reported on an accident that took place on January 27, 2023 at the intersection of Highway 71 and 600th Street, in Buena Vista County, Iowa. How did the accident happen? According to the ISP a GMC was [...]


Grundy County Iowa 15-Person Van Crash

Grundy County van crash, 13 injured or killed, personal injury is serious business. When I practiced law in Black Hawk County it wasn’t unusual for Amish people to pay someone to drive them to and from appointments. I deposed an Amish construction worker who detailed the arrangements. A Grundy County crash involving a van with 13 people inside lost control on an icy highway, rolled and injured or killed all thirteen. The Iowa State Patrol lists all of the passengers, and [...]


13 Rules of Colorado Skiing

Iowa ski and snowboarding accidents An Iowa client asked me what happens in Colorado when one skier crashes into another. They wanted to know what their duties are in the event of a crash with another skier or snowboarder. That question is one I can answer because as a lawyer who has skied in Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, and Winter Park the question was of interest. Colorado has laws related to the duties of skiers and the penalties for not following the rules. [...]

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Are online digital wallets facilitating drug dealers?

Can we hold Snap, Inc. and Venmo Responsible for Fentanyl Deaths? The short answer is ‘maybe’. In August of 2017 I was asked to get involved with the death of a college student in Colorado. She’d been out with friends, purchased Xanax from an online source, but unbeknownst to the group of friends, the drug had been cut with fentanyl. That night, she either took it or drank something with it in the drink and never woke up. It’s not [...]

Iowa Skiers to Colorado

Iowa Skiers Heading to Colorado Heed the Warning Signs

If you get injured or someone is killed while skiing in Colorado The weekend snowstorm in Colorado dumped another 24 inches of snow. [Tamera Twitty for OutThere Colorado] One skier got lost in the Routt wilderness off the Steamboat Resort. He found his way out and Routt Country Search & Rescue along with the Steamboat Resort ski patrol rescue party were called off. Earlier this month another skier entered the backcountry through an access point at Breckenridge and was killed by an [...]

Iowa personal injury lawyer represents ski and snowboarding injured people.

Iowa Skiing Accidents in Colorado

Attorney who understands the high country. Even though Iowa is essentially flat, has no mountains and no real ski season, Iowans still love to pack it in and head off to Colorado for a spring break ski trip. Injuries go hand in hand with skiing. If you ski, or snowboard, then you know I am right. Destroying your knees is quite common. I’ve cut my head open as the skis plunged into a depression, sending one ski helicoptering towards the back [...]

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Suburban Chicago Plant Operator Agrees to Pay $408 Million To Settle Toxic Exposure Lawsuits

Ethylene Oxide is used to sterilize medical equipment. It was being used in a Chicago business for that purpose. Now it is reported it, or some business, maybe insurance, are paying $408 million to cover the claims of as many as 870 people regarding exposure. It is not clear if the exposure was long or short term or what symptoms any of them developed. It is not clear if experts testified or provided reports. There is a hazardous substance fact sheet [...]