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A Big Mistake Made by Iowa Nurses Who Are Under Investigation

We represent Iowa nurses who are under investigation for doing something someone considered illegal or unethical while working as a nurse in a nursing home, care center or a hospital setting. There are three government agencies that regularly investigate. The Iowa Board of Nursing (IBON), the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals (DIA) and last but not least, the local county sheriff’s office. There might be others, but these three are what we normally see. The people who report what [...]

Des Moines, IA - Two Injured After SUV Crashes into Semi on 9th St

Hertz Rent-A-Car $168 million Settlement

I rent cars from Hertz when on vacation, which isn’t too often. This practice of reporting customers for stealing cars will not help retain me as a customer. According to NBC News, “Rental car giant Hertz Global Holdings announced Monday it would pay $168 million to settle 364 claims that it erroneously filed criminal reports against customers who did not return vehicles on time.” And you may wonder just how bizarre this practice can get. Well, here is your answer. “In one [...]

Iowa personal injury lawyer discusses Iowa, wrong-way collision on I-35.

Wrong-Way I-35 Head-On Collision in Iowa

It’s been a while since I last covered an interstate highway wrong-way collision. Not that there aren’t many, there are. On the old website and when I wrote to I covered over 1,000 wrong-way collisions from all over the country. So, what happened in southern Iowa? Now we have another one in Iowa. Larry Wayne Ross, 82 was driving a 2008 Chevy Impala heading southbound in the northbound lanes when he ran head-on into a 2015 Peterbilt semi-tractor being driven [...]

West Des Moines, Iowa

Why Aren’t Iowa’s Injured Workers Allowed to Select Their Surgeons?

Injured workers in Iowa are a product; they have no right to pick their surgeon. As an injured worker, in Iowa, you are a product. You are not anyone’s customer and certainly not the treating doctor’s customer. The patient is not the same thing as a customer. A customer picks the business to do business with. In Iowa, injured workers are not picking doctors and clinics. They go where they are told to go. They say when you are on Facebook, or any other [...]

Attorney Steve Lombardi

Is it stealing if the landlord takes tenant property off the patio and throws it in the dumpster?

Andrew Mollenbeck, a reporter with KCCI-TV8 reported about renters at an apartment complex in Johnston, Iowa having personal property owned by renters being disposed of in dumpster. The on-site regional management of the apartments reportedly declined to comment. I can see why. A renter signs a lease and the footprint he or she rented is theirs to control, subject to reasonable rules. The footprint is the floor space rented. The patios would be included. And property stored on that foot print [...]

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Attorney Lombardi Ask yourself why the adjuster is stalling. Then ask yourself if you had to pay someone money, would you be pushing the person you owe money to, to collect the debt you owe? No, but there are other reasons and none of those reasons are helpful to you. Consider the downside to the people who were in an accident and who have the obligation to actually prove a claim. NEGATIVES TO INJURED PEOPLE Here is why the other-guy’s adjuster does not [...]

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Ten Reasons Why Representing Yourself in a Lawsuit Is a Bad Idea

I get calls, too often than I like, from people wanting advice about a lawsuit they filed. When I hear them say it, that this is self-representation in a lawsuit, I usually want to run the other way. There is no question in my mind, they are in over their head. I do understand the motivations. I remember trying my first case. Like you I was nervous. I got this feeling in my chest. You know what I am talking [...]

Anamosa, IA - One Killed, Two Injured in Auto Accident on CR X40

Are Iowa law enforcement departments being allowed to destroy evidence?

Delaware County fatal accident IS AMERICA BECOMING A POLICE STATE? Manchester, Iowa – Augustin “Gus” Mormann was on a motorcycle on December 10, 2020 when a police car came into contact with the bike he was operating. A police officer operating a police cruiser twice came into contact with the bike. Following the accident Mormann ended up alive but living for 36 days in a semi-conscious state and paralyzed. “Yes. He knew it was artificial means keeping him alive and he had [...]

Ames, IA - Update: Gordon, Nora Martens Die in Pileup Crash on I-35

Crossing The Center Line

Attorney Lombardi A June 12, 2022 head-on collision between a gentleman from Waukee and a Harley Davidson motorcycle being operated by Jared Eklund. It appears Judah Noble was determined, at least initially, by the trooper to have been the at-fault driver. He was sixteen years old. So, what happened? According to the ISP report and KCCI Judah Noble was westbound on 360th Street when he crossed the center line and hit the motorcycle head-on. The motorcyclist, 39-year-old Jared Eklund died in the [...]

Central Iowa lawyer handles fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents statewide.

Why are there so many fatal accidents lately?

Like mass shootings, fatal car and motorcycle accidents are on the increase. I have watched for over 40 years and can attest to dramatic increase in how many people are dying on the roads in Iowa. No one can be in any one industry this long and not have some opinions about what is going on. I don’t think there is much difference between those numbers around central Iowa and those in rural Iowa. I do read most of the [...]