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Attorney Lombardi Ask yourself why the adjuster is stalling. Then ask yourself if you had to pay someone money, would you be pushing the person you owe money to, to collect the debt you owe? No, but there are other reasons and none of those reasons are helpful to you. Consider the downside to the people who were in an accident and who have the obligation to actually prove a claim. NEGATIVES TO INJURED PEOPLE Here is why the other-guy’s adjuster does not [...]

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Ten Reasons Why Representing Yourself in a Lawsuit Is a Bad Idea

I get calls, too often than I like, from people wanting advice about a lawsuit they filed. When I hear them say it, that this is self-representation in a lawsuit, I usually want to run the other way. There is no question in my mind, they are in over their head. I do understand the motivations. I remember trying my first case. Like you I was nervous. I got this feeling in my chest. You know what I am talking [...]

Anamosa, IA - One Killed, Two Injured in Auto Accident on CR X40

Are Iowa law enforcement departments being allowed to destroy evidence?

Delaware County fatal accident IS AMERICA BECOMING A POLICE STATE? Manchester, Iowa – Augustin “Gus” Mormann was on a motorcycle on December 10, 2020 when a police car came into contact with the bike he was operating. A police officer operating a police cruiser twice came into contact with the bike. Following the accident Mormann ended up alive but living for 36 days in a semi-conscious state and paralyzed. “Yes. He knew it was artificial means keeping him alive and he had [...]

Ames, IA - Update: Gordon, Nora Martens Die in Pileup Crash on I-35

Crossing The Center Line

Attorney Lombardi A June 12, 2022 head-on collision between a gentleman from Waukee and a Harley Davidson motorcycle being operated by Jared Eklund. It appears Judah Noble was determined, at least initially, by the trooper to have been the at-fault driver. He was sixteen years old. So, what happened? According to the ISP report and KCCI Judah Noble was westbound on 360th Street when he crossed the center line and hit the motorcycle head-on. The motorcyclist, 39-year-old Jared Eklund died in the [...]

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Why are there so many fatal accidents lately?

Like mass shootings, fatal car and motorcycle accidents are on the increase. I have watched for over 40 years and can attest to dramatic increase in how many people are dying on the roads in Iowa. No one can be in any one industry this long and not have some opinions about what is going on. I don’t think there is much difference between those numbers around central Iowa and those in rural Iowa. I do read most of the [...]

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Why does the work comp adjuster ignore me?

The simple answer is, because they can. Start off reading the ConAgra Foods case. I read it. Sort of made me feel ill because it is a reminder of how the Republicans have changed the culture of work injuries, work injury claims and how the company doctors have and are betraying their patients. Sickens me. For practical purposes, the date you should know is July 1, 2017. Seems so long ago, unless you try to help injured workers. [IW = injured [...]

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Attorney Lombardi You have always been a good worker, but through no fault of your own, were injured at work. You received a letter from the Iowa Industrial Commissioner and perhaps the workers comp insurance company’s case manager. Then you began receiving workers’ compensation benefits, the doctor released you to return to work after surgery and then the case just ended. And you thought, now what? Two options here. One, you went back to work, or two, you didn’t go back [...]

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How To Pay It Forward with Central Iowa’s Personal Injury Lawyers

Central Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer As the shut-down wanes and offices started to reopen, the number of potential cases has certainly picked up. We are getting quite a few calls about potential personal injury cases. They include infants being dropped and injured, bar waitresses being assaulted and battered for something as simple as saying no to a drunk, truck accidents involving failures to stop at stop signs, cars drivers driving too fast, losing control, rolling over and killing passengers, school shop [...]

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Iowa Personal Injury Analysis for April 29th, 2022

Finally, today there is something interesting to write about. Anonymous-donor conceived children where years later using affordable services like or 23andMe, people put two and two together and figure out, unbeknownst to their parents, the doctor was the sperm donor. Oh man how angry would that make you. On the creepy scale this is way up there. If you are interested in this story search the Denver Post, April 29, 2022, “Families win $9M award in fraud case”, subheading, [...]

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Injured Iowa Workers Have Only One Choice – Unionize

Iowa Injured Workers’ Are a Boat Without a Paddle Iowa Medical Debt is a Dead-End Street Some call it the medical billing system the Medical Mafia, but most working people know it as the never-ending debt cycle. Here is how it works. Hospitals and clinics see you then bill your insurance. You get a bill, which you cannot understand and the only way to know what they want you to pay, is to call the number on the bill. If you call [...]