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Ten things a driver should never do after being involvement in a personal injury accident?

Ten things not to do following an accident.Learn how to de What you should not do following a car or truck accident. Being involved in a personal injury accident can be a distressing and overwhelming experience. In the aftermath, it is essential for drivers to handle the situation with care and caution to protect themselves legally and ensure the well-being of everyone involved. If we can be of assistance contact us right after the accident. Here are several things a driver should [...]

Depositions Are Important in a Personal Injury Case

What should every witness do before a deposition

Depositions Are Important in a Personal Injury Case What should you do before your deposition? Depositions are a crucial step in the presentation of your case to the opposing attorney, adjuster, and insurance company. It is your opportunity to both be you and to explain how the accident has affected your life and how you expect it to affect your life in the future. By the time you finish reading this blog you better have a list of what you intend [...]

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5 Vital Things a Witness Should Never Do During a Deposition

5 Things You Should Not Do During Your Deposition DEPOSITIONS ARE SCARY, BUT YOU CAN BE BETTER PREPARED Depositions are critical legal proceedings where witnesses provide sworn testimony outside of the courtroom. These testimonies can significantly impact the outcome of a case, making it crucial for witnesses to approach them with care and preparation. While knowing what to say is essential, understanding what not to do can be equally important. Here are five vital things a witness should never do during [...]

Drunk Driving Accidents: Preserving Your Personal Injury Drunk Driving Accident Injury Claim

Cell phone related car accidents in Iowa. We can help. Case Summary: on January 27, 2023 there was a personal injury accident in Buena Vista County where part of the cause was alleged to be drunk driving. The officer stated that alcohol was suspected. This collision was over a year ago and by now the officer certainly has the tox screen. Today’s blog uses this accident because the officer’s description of the accident supports today’s blog post. Here is the [...]

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Common Injuries In Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have transformed the way we travel, providing convenient transportation options at the tap of a button. However, rideshare accidents can result in serious injuries for passengers, drivers, and pedestrians alike. It is important to understand some of the common injuries in rideshare accidents and discuss how victims can seek compensation for their damages. Types Of Injuries In Rideshare Accidents There are multiple types of injuries you could sustain in a rideshare accident. Whiplash and Neck Injuries. [...]

#1 Safety Rule for Riding a Motorcycle

Car accidents due to cell phone use RECENT COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT A 51-year-old passenger died after being in a motorcycle-car crash in Council Bluffs last Sunday. Allegedly an elderly woman, 86, driving a Ford Edge made a left turn in front of the cycle. The passenger from Underwood, Iowa died the next Wednesday at the hospital. No alcohol and not speed were involved. Probably just a matter of either poor eyesight or just not seeing the motorcycle. #1 ACCIDENT-AVOIDANCE SAFETY [...]

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Iowa Personal Injury Accidents and those Pesky Cell Phones

CELL PHONE, DISTRACTED DRIVER, OVER THE CENTERLINE, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH I have been at this for quite a while, like well over 30 years. Nothing much has changed accept speed truck weights along with numbers of vehicles. And then there are those cell phones. Yeah, cell phones. They are a blessing and curse. They are the leading indicator of whether someone will likely have an accident. I read all the Iowa Department of Public Safety minimal crash reports. Yup, [...]

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Iowa Employee Sues C6-Zero Iowa Plant Over Marengo Fire

Plant fire led to worker injuries and lawsuit filed in Iowa County. C6-Zero Iowa, LLC along with 19 other parties have been sued in Iowa County by the Blasberg’s alleging that on December 8, 2022 a conveyor belt was stuck and as allegedly instructed he opened the bottom hatch of the sealed machine and it ignited, caught on fire, and exploded. [Paragraph 53 to 56 of the Petition. Attached.] I have never heard of this business, C6-Zero. Apparently, it [...]

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SCOTUS Allows $2.46 Billion Boy Scout Abuse Settlement to Move Ahead

Boy Scouts apparently have a settlement to pay $2.46 billion to settle sexual abuse claims. Over 140 former scouts oppose the agreement. On February 16th of this year an order issued by Justice Samuel Alito froze that process, but on the Court has now overruled Alito’s order allowing the settlement process to continue. If you or someone you know, has a sexual abuse claim or an abuse of power claim against a government official, contact the Lombardi Law Firm. Links to [...]

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Dallas County MVA Caused by a Failure to Yield the Right of Way

A December 8, 2023 MVA between a pickup truck and a BMW in Dallas County resulted in the non-fault driver’s death. Report from the Iowa State Patrol. The BMW drove into the pickup as the pickup was making a left turn. You might wonder how does the officer know who to cite or if they should cite anyone? Remember, one driver died so of the two drivers there was only one who could be interviewed. The pickup truck driver can be [...]