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    - Steve Lombardi


    Mr. Lombardi is dedicated to educating you, his client, about personal injury law in Iowa and how you can best protect your right to receive compensation. From the first conversation you have with him, he’s assessing your ability to effectively tell your story; the facts that form the basis for recovery. He believes that if you take the guess work out of “what’s going to happen in a lawsuit”, and then the risk of loss is lessened.


    - Katrina M. Phillip


    Katrina lived in many different states growing up and landed in Iowa after high school. She then attended Iowa State where she obtained her degree in Political Science. Thereafter, she attended law school at the University of Iowa. This is known as dual citizenship in Iowa.

    Katrina was a student writer with the Iowa Law Review in her second year, and a contributing editor in her third year. She graduated in May 2012, passed the Georgia Bar in July 2012, and passed the Iowa Bar in February 2013. Her legal experience includes working for this law firm during summer breaks in college, interning for Federal Magistrate Judge Celeste F. Bremer during both summer breaks in law school, and working at the University of Iowa Law School student legal clinic representing parents in cases involving DHS.

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