Steve Lombardi was an immense help to me after I sustained a devastating injury from a fall at the Des Moines Airport. He took on my case, and went to bat on my behalf so I could focus on healing. There were numerous moving parts with my case, including 3 separate insurance policies during my long recovery from the accident. Steve navigated the multiple points of contact seamlessly, keeping me informed of any pertinent information along the way. His dedicated work ethic and superb negotiation skills allowed me to focus on my recovery; knowing he had my best interests in mind with everything he did. Steve is a true professional and fantastic at his work. I couldnt have made it through this catastrophe without his expertise, compassion, and grit. He and his staff have truly been a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them.

Sara Hollander

Steve Lombardi was highly recommended when I was hit in a crash while working(2 TOTALLED SEMI TRUCKS! ) and had workmans comp to consider after the crash litigation. His knowledge and professionalism were greatly helpful while I had therapy to focus on. Before he agreed to represent me, he had a HUGE bit of advice: shut your mouth, talk only to counsel!! His representation was calming, supportive, and greatly appreciated. I dont have any hesitation to tell anyone needing legal services about Steve Lombardi without a bit of hesitation. I dont think I received my moneys worth, I KNOW I got more! Call Steve,and talk to the best you can find, instead of everyone else.

Patrick Irwin

Ive used Steve many times over 20 years. Wouldnt use anyone else! Steve takes your case to the next level, never making you feel like youre just a number! My boys and I thank you, especially after Scott passed!


Steve and his team provided written and oral education on how the lawsuit and mediation would proceed against the drunk driver who rear ended me. I felt included in the legal process as he provided options when it came time for settlement with pros and cons I needed to consider. He and his legal team were available for questions.


He has been so helpful. Hes went out of his way to assist and guide me in the right direction. Thank you sir.Miranda


Steve, Barbara and Katrina are amazing! They tell you the law and how it applies to your case. Iowa Workers Comp is a complex issue and without legal guidance is impossible to navigate. Lombardi Law firm is a Champion of the people! I recommend them with my strongest endorsement.

Michael Klipphahn

Nick is a fantastic lawyer! Very responsive, helpful and attentive. Lawyers can be overwhelming so having Nick make every step simple was amazing. Highly recommend!

Makenna Sellers

I came to Steve with a personal injury, i was ran over by a car. He listened to my case and told me to believe in him and he would get me as much of the settlement as he could. I believed in him, as he has such a great personality and such a wonderful family (they also work for the firm and are as awesome as he is… good job on that one too Steve). Anyways he told me to be patient and i would receive a bigger settlement, and yes, ohhh yes was he right. Years after he had been paid for my case, he was STILL helping me. His advise and guidance greatly changed my life. This man knows his stuff and is in your corner, if your looking for a GREAT attorney, he”s right here.-Allen Abad

Allen Abad

After having being involved in auto accident whereas the other party was clearly at fault, I found that their insurance company had a practice of leaning on Iowas comparative fault laws and was only offering me 1/2 of the value of my damaged auto and medical claims. I then contacted Lombardi Law Office and their expertise in this area proved to be of great value. Steve was able to get justice for me and I ended up with a settlement that was 10 times the amount that the other drivers insurance company had offered me when I had dealt with them alone.


Well written, informative and Humorous series of articles relating to various aspect of the legal process. Attorney Lombardi has a talent for educating while still maintaining the appearance of being approachable and casual. Reading them was like talking to an old friend. No need for a Legalese Translator. I feel much more confident about the legal process and understanding my role in it now. Thank you for posting these!

Tracey Wilson

This is the first Google review I have written for any business or service ever, but I felt compelled to do so, as I am so impressed with the treatment I received recently from Mr. Steve Lombardi. Currently am involved with a comprehensive claim through my insurance company that has gotten drawn out, plus too many odd details to list here, but now the car is gone that we did not know about, not even an offer made, and now after getting shuffled from one adjuster to another, they have put an investigator on it who is now calling and leaving messages and wanting to take recorded statements and much more. So, not knowing anything about legal matters, or how to handle things like this, I searched online for information about recorded statements, and that is when I found the Lombardi Law Firm and saw Steves “The Legal Minute” about giving recorded statements, which was short and to the point, and just to have that good information gave me some strength as to how to continue with the insurance company. At the end of that first video, Steve said to see more videos, and one he called the “8 simple rules, and 1 simple question”. So I looked for it on the website and could not find it, but I did find many other videos that he has done, a lot of free information, cases, and testimonials. The more I looked at, the more impressed I was at the amount of work that had gone into the website to offer people real information and help. But I still couldnt find the video he had talked about. So I called the office to ask how to find it, and I got someone very helpful and she explained how to find it, and also see other related videos. And she asked why I was calling and what I was concerned about, and we talked and then she actually connected me to Steve, and he came on the line, and asked me to tell him what I was concerned about. He was just great on the phone, listened to me ramble on and then gave me a lot of good information, and I started feeling less helpless about having to deal with what seemed to becoming an unfriendly insurance company. At that point I just knew that he would be the right legal counsel to go forward with, but there was one slight catch, Lombardi Law is in Iowa, and I am in Minnesota. So at that point, the best Steve could do was to provide a referral to a law firm in Minnesota, and while I expect that they will be good, I dont think that they will be as dedicated to a client as Steve Lombardi will be. In summary, I think everyone knows how hard it is to find the perfect Doctor, Dentist, or Mechanic – if you are in the need of legal services in Iowa, Steve Lombardi and his firm is all you need to know! Call them now, and you will have someone on your side. Who knows, maybe I will have to move to Iowa to be able to finish the insurance claim!

Jim Kane

Mr. Lombardi was kind enough to give me a call and help me with a question concerning the law clerking I am doing in a different state! He was extremely kind in taking time out of his day to help a law student, and he got back to me within hours. Thanks again, Steve!

Taylor Schnellinger

I dont know if we will engage the firm but I was extremely impressed when Steve picked up the phone and was willing to talk with me initially!

William Weyers

Known this kid my whole life. If this is his company, I know he put 100% of his time and dedication into making it the best. 5 stars. Nice job bud

Tyler Jordan Dolph

We were in an accident, which wasnt our fault and had been struggling with insurance. Mr. Lombardi answered me quickly and gave advice immediately. Thank you again, I cant thank you enough actually.

Kelly Upenieks

Thank,you for this Info I was just hit with this today Nov. 3rd 2018!

Bj Bounds

Both Steve and his son Nick did an amazing job on my case. Stuck with it till the end, I couldnt have asked for a better outcome! Truly grateful for their work, thank you again! Highly recommend Lombardi Law Firm

Lily Alger

I emailed asking for advice, I was given advice and guidance along with Iowa code needed to win two appeals. By far the kindest and most helpful. I highly recommend this place !!!

Traci Carnicle

You can count on Steve Lombardi to provide you a very honest assessment of your case as well as additional legal knowledge revolving your case.

Austin Jorgensen

Called with a situation that, to everyone else I had spoken with about, was unheard of. Steve and Katrina were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. They provided excellent advice and how to progress further through this. Would/will definitely return to them for help and services.

Tyler Boattenhamer

was very helpful and kind if you need a good lawyer call him he is the best.

Stacie Caldwell

Excellent. Responded very quickly.

Alex Yam

Steves Law Firm was invaluable in helping me resolve an insurance claim. They kept me up to date on all events and processes. I highly recommend the Lombardi Law Firm, they are truly professional and results oriented.Trent – MN

Trent Montgomery

Excellent customer service. Have been working together on various projects for the last ten years. Would highly suggest to anyone seeking help with any legal inquiries.

Logan Myers

We highly recommend Lombardi Law Firm. Their attention to detail, knowledge, and availability can not be found elsewhere. The entire firm works together to resolve any concerns that come up and we are always made to feel like a priority.

Allison Courtright

I used Lombardi law about 5 years ago for a car accident in which I was t-boned in my company car during working hours. I had pain that never resolved and as a young female, I was not interested in settling for permanent shoulder pain: not able to golf, swim, run, or lift, like I used to. Steve helped me to not only get the surgery needed for relief, but a settlement that ended up going towards my future as a medical student. He didnt give up on me and pushed our case until we got the outcome we were looking for. I highly recommend Steves firm and am grateful I found them when I did!

Jillian Shannon, ND

I was injured in a fall at a truck stop while driving for a Cedar Rapids trucking company. Im so lucky I called Steve and Barbara 6 years ago! My case was frustrating because I lived in a different state from my employer, and they refused to give me medical care. After loosing my career to the accident, Steve made sure they provided the surgeries and medical care I needed. Barbara was always very helpful with any questions or advice, and ultimately Steve and Katrina settled the case without going to trial. This team gives every effort for your case, they truly make you feel like youre important. Their knowledge and experience will impress you! They are true warriors for your legal battle. Just call them and see what im talking about!

Candice S

I called five lawyers and none would take the time to even listen to my problem. I left a message at Steves office with Barbara. She asked quite a few questions. Steve called me back, answered my questions and told me how I could resolve the problem. He came up with a way I hadnt even thought of. He even invited me to call back if the solution didnt resolve the problem. I highly recommend the Lombardi Law Firm.”

Randy Michaels

I used Mr. Lombardi for a malpractice case. I highly recommend him, and I have to several people. Mr. Lombardi and his wife Barbara are great professional people. They do not leave you in the dark about what is going on with your case and are straight forward. They will fight tooth and nail to get you what you deserve. I am sure glad that I found them when looking for someone professional and that would fight for me!

Megan Love

I am very pleased with the way Lombardi law firm handled my case. Steve, Katrina, and Barbra are very professionals and worked diligently for me, and accomplished beyond my expectations. Irecommend the law firm for their experience, and dedicated services. Akram R Nagi


My previous attorney was not working out and I was about to lose my whole case. I was in a real mess! Steve helped me sort through the paperwork and immediately took over my case. I am very thankful that I had Steve to represent me! He was confident, professional, and fought for me all the way. Thanks Steve!

Stacey R

I hired Steve went I lost my job and he helped me to fight my unemployment and we won and now Ive hired him again to help me fight my workers compensation claim. He is a wonderful lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone

Terri Lester

I want to thank Steve and his staff, Katrina and Barbara who all worked very hard for me. I was in an accident that the company was self insured. They basically had me guessing what they were going to try over the next 10 years and two other lawyers. I met Steve when he was stepping in to do a deposition.I was so impressed with the questions he asked and the sincere concern he had for me and my case. I immediately hired him because I felt like I was in limbo waiting for months or years to hear from other lawyers that worked on my case.In the end Steve made sure I was taken care of so I could live my life with the extent of my injuries and not have to worry.I also found a friend who still checks on his clients to see what and how they are doing in life. Thanks again!

Jethro Bodine

Attorney Steve Lombardi was very professional and successful at representing me on a slip and fall case at Iowa State University. His firm was very helpful during this time when I was severely injured while I was attending college. They were efficient in making the case process as smooth as possible on my end. I highly recommend the Lombardi Law Firm for any legal matter, big or small.

Shannon Schaefer Stage

I highly recommend Lombardi Law Firm with utmost confidence. I encourage you to obtain their service. Lombardi Law Firm is a solid firm that is determined, focused, organized, thorough, and extremely competent. They are quick to respond to questions and needs. Steve, Katrina, and Barbara have great personal qualities and make you feel comfortable in most uncomfortable situations. My husband and I along with our family owe them a debt of gratitude for their professional service.

Melanie Evans

Steve, Barb and Katrina are some of the hardest working lawyers I have ever seen. My case was a difficult one because I needed to find a lawyer that knew what CRPS was. They are extremely smart and worked very hard to get a excellent outcome for my case. If you need a lawyer Steve and Katrina are your best bet in the state of Iowa! They will do everything possible to make sure you come out on TOP!!

Lajean Whitaker

The hardest moment in my life Stephen and Katrina where their for me to fight for my family when everything was against me. I would highly recommend them!

Jay Nelson

If youre searching for an attorney who will have your best interest at heart and be completely 100% honest whether you like what they say or dont like what they say is not the point. The point is what they do. Lombardi Law Firm is by far the best law firm I have ever been in contact with. They have professionally handled my case with 100% honesty and not filling my head with false hopes and lies. So if it is the best attorney you are looking for and not just any attorney then please contact the Lombardi Law Firm. Mr. Steve Mrs Barbara and Miss Katrina will treat you like family and be completely honest, professional and attentive to your situation

Melissa Williams