Catastrophic Injury Lawyer West Des Moines, IA

Your Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

A catastrophic injury following an accident is often one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to deal with. This means that someone has either a permanent or long lasting injury. If this was caused by the fault of someone else, you need to seek compensation for the damages that were done. It is crucial to seek compensation as soon as possible, as you deserve to get the maximum amount of compensation for all of the pain, suffering, and life altering things that have followed the accident. Reach out to an experienced West Des Moines, IA catastrophic injury lawyer from Lombardi Law Firm today to set up a consultation. We may want to go over some of the details while they are fresh in your mind, as well as collect relevant witness statements and other evidence to move forward with your case. 

Why Is It Important To Hire A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

It is crucial to have an experienced lawyer on your side so that you have the best possible chance of getting good compensation for your case. Not only do you deserve to have any medical bills paid for, but you also deserve compensation for all of the future costs that you will surely incur down the road. For example, your West Des Moines catastrophic injury lawyer will understand that there could be other surgeries, procedures, or physical therapy down the road, and will be able to account for this. If you try to go about your case alone, you will likely be offered a settlement for the bills you have incurred and possibly a small amount added to that. By hiring someone who has extensive experience in dealing with catastrophic injuries, you are ensuring all of your needs will be looked after. 

Who Should You Choose To Represent You?

It is important to have a lawyer on your side who you can trust, and who will treat your case with empathy and respect. The lawyers at Lombardi Law Firm have extensive experience dealing with people who are adjusting to their new life after a catastrophic accident and will be able to navigate the legalities of your case with compassion and understanding. A West Des Moines catastrophic injury lawyer will be able to focus on your case while you focus on healing and recovering as much of your regular life as possible, following the tragic accident. 

Reach Out Today

Do not hesitate to contact Lombardi Law Firm to ensure your best interests are looked after. Our lawyers will be able to go over your case with compassion, but also get the job done so that you can try to recover mentally and emotionally from whatever catastrophic accident you were involved in. We are happy to help – just make sure you reach out soon. You do not want to miss any statute of limitations for filing a claim for your case. Call us today to set up a consultation!